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elayyyyyy1.jpg(1)Tell us who you are, your age, and what you do…
I’m Elay Neal Moses, 18 years old and I live and still go to school in Zurich but I’m about to attend a Fashion Journalism School.
How did you get into blogging?
I  enjoy being creative and also to create something since probably forever. When I was younger I have always been drawing and writing but one day that wasn’t enough I guess and I wanted to create visual content online. So I set up my blog when I was 15 to express myself and to gain and also share inspiration. Today my blog counts 152k Followers which is something I’m very proud of. It’s not because of the mass that is following me – it’s more the fact that I built up something by myself and that It has gotten so much success. To succeed in something you’re passionate about is probably one of the biggest pleasures and achievements there is in life and I’m so glad to be able to get so many nice opportunities through that.
elay111111.jpg(1)Where do you get your inspiration from when taking new photos?
Usually they come out of boredom and creativity. I always try to represent myself and my clothing in a different way each picture. I think to me it’s important to show how clothes are able to change the whole person because clothes are nothing else like the skin of a chameleon to me. Some Outfits are able to make you look a whole lot different than you actually are and I think that’s amazing how you can kinda escape just with some pieces of fabrics.
How would you describe your personal style?

Broke with expensive taste? No but seriously, since I’m a student I shop a lot at thrift stores because my budget is not very high but like many others I would rather have some high end fashion pieces. I’m more a minimalistic person when it comes to fashion. I like simplicity. I don’t want to pop out of the mass I rather want to make a difference by looking at my outfit twice and finding details. I love to play with fabrics, patterns or cuts.



What is your favourite colour to wear?
Without hesitating -Black. Black works always for every event and for every mood that you’re in. You can never go wrong by buying something in black.
What key pieces in your wardrobe could you not live without?
As I said I really like simple stuff so the pieces I couldn’t live without would be my biker & denim jacket. Also the plain white and black t-shirts hanging in my closet are very important to me.
What popular trend do you love/hate this season?

I’m really falling for Nylon, PVC and Neoprene. I really love these futuristic fabrics especially for Autumn/Winter. I stopped hating any trends because I once thought slippers with socks are a fashion sin but today I think of them as a rad statement. I refuse to “hate” on trends because I evolve my style very fast and If I’d be judging any trend and see me wearing it a few months later that be quite silly. But I can say that I don’t like too many patterns at the same time and I also don’t like bucket hats but maybe I only don’t like them because I look ridiculous in them.




Do you have a favourite designer for this year?
– Alexander Wang.
– Raf Simons.
– HBA (Hood By Air) by Shayne Oliver.
– Public School is my favourite.
Finally, do you have any fashion influences, or style icons that you are inspired by or look up to?

I never had a style icon or any idol in general ever because I think you should go your own way and so you can explore yourself. There’s no one I totally look up to fashion wise, I’m more the person that sees different things on different people and tries to combine my own thing out of it.  My inspirations and influences are defintely from the streets. I also think that’s where the real fashion takes place and not on the catwalks.

Blog: Coachela.Tumblr
Instagram: @ElayNealMoses

Interview by: Akeil Onwukwe-Adamson

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  • Alex Scott Conrad says:

    elay is the one person in this world i would die to meet. im so proud of him for getting this interview hahaha

  • Monique Gerhardt says:

    he is a very genuine person as well. on tumblr, whenever he answers a question he is so nice and patient. There are lots of tumblr users with many followers that are snarky or short with their followers, but elay appreciates all of his, and i think that shows part of his character very well(: Congrats on the interview elay!(:

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