NYFW: Hood By Air SS15 Show

Somewhat of a departure for the sportswear up-and-comers.


Fresh off the back of their CFDA win, Hood By Air return to NYFW with somewhat of a mixed collection. Seeming to take inspiration from everything from disability aids, to corporal punishment (several styles of HBA-branded perspex stocks, should you be interested), the new collection marks a departure from the sharp, directional sportswear of previous seasons. However, expect to see many of these pieces on the streets come Spring, especially those Yeezy-inspired workboots, should they get a release.

Words: Nathan Sharp

hood-by-air-ss15_FY22 hood-by-air-ss15_FY23

hood-by-air-ss15_FY1 hood-by-air-ss15_FY2 hood-by-air-ss15_FY3 hood-by-air-ss15_FY4

hood-by-air-ss15_FY5 hood-by-air-ss15_FY6 hood-by-air-ss15_FY7 hood-by-air-ss15_FY9

hood-by-air-ss15_FY10 hood-by-air-ss15_FY11 hood-by-air-ss15_FY13 hood-by-air-ss15_FY15

hood-by-air-ss15_FY16 hood-by-air-ss15_FY17 hood-by-air-ss15_FY24 hood-by-air-ss15_FY25

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