Amazon Plans to Launch its First Store in NYC

By October 12, 2014Fashion News

From the online world to the streets.


Amidst the digital era, and the vast growth in the e-commerce market, popular online retailer Amazon has taken a daring move, and announced the arrival of its first store.

Set to open sometime before Christmas, it will only be a pop-up store with limited inventory, and only in New York; this is most likely a trial run during the busiest time of year, to see if they will sink or swim. Customers will be able to collect orders purchased online, and also receive a same day delivery service.

With so many companies hitting administration over the last few years, companies such as Amazon could be considered partly responsible for this happening. Online retailers, and other high street companies who have merged markets in recent time have become competition for those companies who, at that time were the only sellers in their market.

However, we can only hope that it’s the beginning of something I think most of us have been waiting for. This begs the questions, ‘What’s next for Amazon?’ and ‘What does this mean for the high street?’

Words: Stephen Paul

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