Exclusive: The New Nike Air Huarache Light

By October 27, 2014Fashion News, Sneakers

Nike drops a pair for Autumn.


As if the Nike Huarache’s isn’t praised enough for their comfortability and lightweight structure, Nike have designed and readied an even lighter version.

The colourway is quite an interesting one, as it draws on inspiration from the deep cavities and canyons of Moab, Utah. As the sun begins to set, the blue of the sky meets the burnt sand and rocks which creates a surreal shade of orange running parallel between the two; and Nike have managed to captivate and replicate this earthy imagery for their design.

A refreshing shade of blue mesh anchors this colourway, with a contrasting hot orange fabric insole that compliment each other well.  A sand suede mudguard sits comfortably on a black flecked midsole to sole design; which I can only assume reflects the sky once the sun has set upon, Moab, Utah. Sand elastic laces brings it all together, for this breathtaking colourway.

The New Nike Air Huarache Light will be available exclusively at size? on Friday (31st October) at 8am, sold at £90.

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Words: Stephen Paul

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