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By October 15, 2014Fashion News, Gadgets

Ted Baker brings fashion to the world of technology.


When tech and fashion comes together, you know you can expect some great things to come out of it. This time British label Ted Baker is going in for the tech game as they unveil some stylish audio products.

They have created FINISTERRE, a smart yet timeless DAB/ DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth Speaker that not only look fashionable and sleek but offers the coolest modern technology as well. They are luxury at it’s best with brushed aluminum and genuine leather combined with Ted Baker’s design aesthetic where they are known to have an attention to detail.

To add to the list of audio products, you can expect the ROCKALL, a stylish over-ear headphones that not only looks cool but also boast great hi-fi sound quality.  There is also the DOVER, an in-ear high performance headphone and the FASTNET, a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to stream music from your digital device while looking stylish at the same time.

These are great audio products from the British label, showing us that tech products don’t have to look boring as Ted Baker has injected some cool style into these high quality audio products.

Check out Ted Baker’s website for more details.

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Words: Ievan Darwin

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