Sneaker Street Style: Crepe City 12

Today was the day where all sneaker heads met up once again under one roof at the Crepe City 12th event, which took place at The Old Truman Brewery in Bricklane, London. Many sneaker heads shopped from 12pm – 6pm with over 200 stalls and 9000+ sneakers – if you didn’t make it you obviously missed out on the exclusives. We at PAUSE had our street style photographer Jack Taris, who was down to capture the freshest sneakers about at Crepe City, here’s what he PAUSED:

IMG_7348 IMG_7565 IMG_7563 IMG_7558
IMG_7553 IMG_7548 IMG_7530 IMG_7521
IMG_7516 IMG_7515 IMG_7509 IMG_7507
IMG_7505 IMG_7498 IMG_7496 IMG_7486
IMG_7485 IMG_7479 IMG_7465 IMG_7455
IMG_7436 IMG_7416 IMG_7411 IMG_7404
IMG_7400 IMG_7380 IMG_7371 IMG_7356

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