PAUSE Tips: Top 10 Watches to Gift this Christmas

By December 17, 2014Gadgets, Style, Style Picks

Neil Barrett brings cool minimalism to menswear. 

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy1 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy2

Known for his classic but comfortable menswear pieces, English fashion designer Neil Barret has debuted his pre-spring/summer lookbook. As expected, it is all about minimalism, monochromatic tones, crisp tailoring and linear structure, which is true to the essence of the brand.

The understated yet modern sporty collection features interchangeable pieces in a colour palette of white, cream, black, grey, navy blue and browns. Expect wool and ribbed sweaters, biker and bomber jackets, printed collar shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and multiple topcoats. For the bottoms, there are the very cool biker jeans, trousers, and athletic shorts while accessorising them with backpacks, high-top and low-lop sneakers to complete the look.

The collection will be available early next year.


Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy4 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy5

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy6 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy7 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy8

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy9 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy10 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy11

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy12 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy13 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy14

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy15 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy16 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy17

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy18 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy19 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy20

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy21 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy22 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy23

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy24 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy25 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy26

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy31 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy32 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy33

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy34 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy35 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy36

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy37 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy38 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy39

Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy40 Neil-Barrett-Pre-Spring-2015-Lookbook_fy41

Words: Ievan Darwin

When it comes to buying presents this year, more about watches are a great gift, but with so many to choose from the PAUSE team has picked some of our favourites with various styles, colours and prices.

Hugo Boss Leather Watch
PAUSE Watch 9
Price: £295.00
Available here

If you’re still looking for a main present this Christmas, then a watch from Hugo Boss will do the trick. This all black design from BOSS Black focuses on modern styling and can be dressed up or down.

Calvin Klein Minimal Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
PAUSE Watch 2
Price: £150
Available here

What caught our eye about this watch is its steel mesh bracelet paired with a sleek silver dial. Like our outfits sometimes, even when things are minimal, the smallest of details can make all the difference!

ASOS Watch with Date Detail
PAUSE Watch 8
Price: £15.00
Available here

This casual watch would make for the perfect stocking filler. At just £15, this watch with leather look strap could easily be matched with endless outfits and is a great cool casual alternative.

Tom Carter Voyager (white)
PAUSE Watch 10
Price: £116.62
Available here

Relatively new to the UK, Tom Carter has brought over its simple, but luxury watches over from the US. Their 16 watches are handcrafted and built with steel and high craftsmanship and this understated voyager watch would be a great gift (available in a range of colours).

Hugo Boss Leather Watch
PAUSE Watch 5
Price: £139.99
Available here

A mid-range watch is another one from Hugo Boss. It has crocodile effect leather detailing on the strap and then a clean face meaning it balances simplicity and edge perfectly. One of PAUSE’s favourites.

ASOS Floral Printed Watch
PAUSE Watch 7
Price: £15.00
Available here

Fun, casual and playful. An ASOS design, this all-floral watch would add colour to anyone’s wrist and look if you’re rocking a plain tee and jeans.

Burberry Gents the City Sport Watch
PAUSE Watch 1
Price: £695.00
Available here

The most expensive watch we’ve recommended in our PAUSE watch guide, this timepiece by Burberry is the most luxurious of presents.

Casio A168WG-9EF Gold Plated Digital Watch
PAUSE Watch 6
Price: £50.00
Available here

The classic watch and on trend watch for this year, the Casio provides a retro alternative this holiday season. Gold plated with a multifunctional display, you can’t go wrong with this Casio watch.

Michael Kors Gents Rose Gold Plated Bracelet Watch
PAUSE Watch 3
Price: £279.00
Available here

A colour often used with women’s watches, this rose gold watch from Michael Kors has a very masculine style to it and is sure to offer something different to your ongoing watch collection.

Casio G-Shock Men’s Black Resin Strap Watch
PAUSE Watch 4
Price: £110.00
Available here

If you’re looking for something more rugged and resistant to scuffs and scratches, then this G-Shock watch might be what you’re looking for. Complete with alarms, stopwatch, shock resistant frame, as well as being water-resistant to 200m this watch will make sure whoever is wearing it is equipped for adventure.

And there you have it, our top 10 watch guide for this Christmas. Which one is your favourite? Will you be buying a watch for Christmas this year?

Words: Jordan Bunker

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