Canali Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Canali Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection:

One of the most heavily anticipated shows at MFW was of course the world renowned Canali. All eyes were on Andrea Pompilio who had been appointed creative consultant last season.

 The collection opened with soft greys hues and blacks. Cuts were A-line and box cut, with Statement pieces ranging from the straight cut over coats, to the cardigan inspired, double breasted pea coat.

GUC_0863 GUC_0900 GUC_0893 GUC_0876

The collection began to take an unexpected twist when bold yellows featured on clutch bags and was continued with yellow double breasted coats, this was shortly followed by creamy whites and deep maroons.

Suits and trousers featured a large, box check that gave the collection a simplistic yet luminous feel. Colours were clean and cuts were straight, this ranged from the duffel coats to the silk lapelled tuxedo jacket.

Andrea Pompili pulled off a brilliant show, but with the runway finishing with bold reds this raised a couple of eyebrows with onlookers questioning that maybe this could be a subtle sign that all is not at the Canali? Only time will tell!

GUC_0950 GUC_0940 GUC_0927
GUC_0965 GUC_0976GUC_1003 GUC_0991
GUC_1015 GUC_1056 GUC_1044 GUC_1032
GUC_1071 GUC_1119 GUC_1101 GUC_1086
GUC_1130 GUC_1169 GUC_1157 GUC_1144
GUC_1185 GUC_1229 GUC_1215 GUC_1200
GUC_1240 GUC_1279 GUC_1265 GUC_1251
GUC_1295 GUC_1335 GUC_1320 GUC_1308
GUC_1349 GUC_1391 GUC_1375 GUC_1364

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