LCM: Nicomede Talavera (MAN) Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

The new invention of sports luxe.


The MAN show showcased at London Collections: Men 2015, with a range of talented designers, one that caught our eyes was Nicomede Talavera. Nicomede Talavera was one designer who did an outstanding debut at Fashion East’s Autumn/Winter 14, now he presents his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection in the LCM MAN show. His collection presented oversizing sports luxe, neoprene jumpers with ‘Sucker’ typography and mainly sticking to monochromatic colours throughout the whole collection. Details of stripes was a key focus, all over stripy pieces with hanging stripes which gave a carefree yet clean vibe within the collection. See the full collection below:

KIM_0613 KIM_0655 KIM_0643 KIM_0624
KIM_0668 KIM_0712 KIM_0695 KIM_0682
KIM_0722 KIM_0762 KIM_0748 KIM_0736
KIM_0774 KIM_0809 KIM_0797 KIM_0785
KIM_0823  KIM_0848 KIM_0836KIM_0861
KIM_0870 KIM_0895

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