LCM: Soulland Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

By January 14, 2015Fashion News

Danish menswear brand Soulland presented their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection this past weekend at the grand St Georges Broomsbury church in London. Entitled “Exotic/Erotic”, the style was inherently British with clear references to mod and punk culture though featured some more foreign aspects.

Inspiration is drawn from an early nineties Manchester. The gritty northern lifestyle fused football and music scenes, having a heavy impact on lifestyle of the time. The collection reflects this with football jersey’s that have been given chaotic collage like prints taken from a Happy Mondays concert guide from 1991. All of their scarves have football stripe inspired patterns that they’ve seemed to put their own twist on. Outdated looking charcoal grey pinstriped suits have been given a new appeal with a pastel pink hoody worn underneath. Denim is ripped or given heavy patchwork or acid wash detailing.

The exotic/erotic theme has been incorporated in a piece by piece approach and not incorporating it throughout the entire collection. Floral prints decorate jacquard woven jackets whilst Harris Tweed is utilised on trench coats, bomber jackets and sneakers. Silk bomber jackets and leather pilot jackets and teflon coated cottton parkas pop up with heavy prints frequently resurfacing throughout. All in all, the collection is constant and has given an interesting revamp to a classic British look.

See the full collection below:

DSCF1814 DSCF1824 DSCF1820 DSCF1827
DSCF1831 DSCF1846 DSCF1842 DSCF1836
DSCF1854 DSCF1870 DSCF1863 DSCF1857
DSCF1877 DSCF1890 DSCF1884 DSCF1882
DSCF1897 DSCF1910 DSCF1903

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