MFW: Costume National Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Toning down the rock n’ roll lover.


Bringing rock n’ roll but making it more mature can be seen at the Costume National runway show in Milan. At first glance, one would mistake it for Saint Laurent who seems to really go with the rock n’ roll theme but sometimes to the extreme. But this collection by designer, Ennio Capasa, still posses a certain showmanship but in a subtle way and done with the Costume National aesthetic in mind. This bold collection that seems to push the brand’s core aesthetics, features some stand out pieces from feathered jackets, crystal covered pieces, velvet suits and some mohair detailing that can be seen on the runway. There were some shimmering pieces as well as outwears and accessories, from footwear to belts were decorated with silver metal eyelets. Flashy and bold yet not too over the top, Costume National tones down the flamboyant and rock n’ roll inspired man. See the full collection below:

MARC0012 MARC0093 MARC0043 MARC0026

MARC0107 MARC0157 MARC0141 MARC0123
MARC0177 MARC0239 MARC0215 MARC0194
MARC0256 MARC0313 MARC0293 MARC0276
MARC0330 MARC0390 MARC0370 MARC0345
MARC0410 MARC0458 MARC0441 MARC0420
MARC0477 MARC0539 MARC0520 MARC0499
MARC0555 MARC0604 MARC0589 MARC0574
MARC0627  MARC0700 MARC0681MARC0776

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