MFW: Prada Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Workwear is the new simple.


Miuccia Prada presented the Men’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at Milan Fashion Week 2015. Her thoughts whilst designing menswear was always how she could apply some of the elements to women’s and she managed to do that cleverly by exploring uniforms. Everything was either black or grey. Work wear was explored with a bit more tailored approach and accessories were given a major update. Prada shoes are ones to look out for each season as they always set the trends. This season their new chunky soled hybrid did not disappoint. Overall it was a collection bordering on blandness safe for a few interesting bits and pieces. See the full collection below: 

_MON0026 _MON0071 _MON0035
_MON0083 _MON0123 _MON0111 _MON0098
_MON0132 _MON0173 _MON0160 _MON0144
_MON0255 _MON0317 _MON0281 _MON0272
_MON0336 _MON0406 _MON0391 _MON0380
_MON0423 _MON0553 _MON0481 _MON0462
_MON0569 _MON0709 _MON0694 _MON0593
_MON0720 0IMG_0075 (1)

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