PFW: 3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Inspired by the mountains. 


Phillip Lim is famous for his youthful, sport-inspired, infused with androgynous cuts and sartorial finishes and didn’t dissapoint us again at Paris Fashion Week. Kick starting the collection was a moss green jacket with flared sleeves and also featured a Double D ring belt fastening on each breast and connecting the two sides together. Fastenings played a major role in Lim’s new collection with mountain climbing clasps also connected belts to garments that gave an active and youthful feel. Statement pieces consisted of a shirt oversized mesh shirt, that looked like it had been inspired by a football net, and a grey, matte jumpsuit. Both these pieces again highlighted Lim’s signature sports luxe look and to cement his unique collection, Lim also focused on quilting, layering and stripes, all whilst sticking to androgynous cuts. See the full collection below:

MARC0012 MARC0050 MARC0034 MARC0021
MARC0067 MARC0105 MARC0089 MARC0078
MARC0119 MARC0167 MARC0150 MARC0134
MARC0184 MARC0236 MARC0218 MARC0200
MARC0257 MARC0302 MARC0287 MARC0272
MARC0326 MARC0381 MARC0364 MARC0347
MARC0397 MARC0442 MARC0433 MARC0410
MARC0433 MARC0479 MARC0459 MARC0442
MARC0491 MARC0547 MARC0534 MARC0511

Words by Angelo Mitakos

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