PFW: Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Multiple bags are back.


Louis Vuitton had definitely opted for an adventure feel when drawing inspiration for the Fall15 collection. Print of fraying rope was consistently throughout the runway; featuring on pull overs, jackets and shirts. The print was typically on soft tobacco, rope coloured, dosage matte fabric and accompanied by a statement brooch. The brooch featured aged keys, wooden buttons and clasps and looked like it had been found in an old survivors kit during the war.

Continuing the ‘explorer look’, models were made to wear multiple bags, typically two going across their bodies and in their hands; this accentuated the ‘on the move’ guy who was beginning to venture into the unknown. Thickly soled shoes gave a feeling of practicality and durability that finished off each look perfectly. As always, we weren’t left unimpressed with Louis Vuitton and look forward to what they have in store for us next season!

KIM_0045 KIM_0096 KIM_0080 KIM_0061

KIM_0118 KIM_0172 KIM_0155 KIM_0133

KIM_0195 KIM_0250 KIM_0231 KIM_0210

KIM_0271 KIM_0331 KIM_0310 KIM_0291

KIM_0353 KIM_0399 KIM_0386 KIM_0366

KIM_0425 KIM_0482 KIM_0466 KIM_0446

KIM_0497 KIM_0540 KIM_0526 KIM_0515

KIM_0568 KIM_0637 KIM_0614 KIM_0593

KIM_0649 KIM_0703 KIM_0689 KIM_0666

KIM_0713   KIM_0732KIM_0753KIM_0808

Words by Angelo Mitakos

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