PFW: Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Rick Owens puts a surprise at PFW.



The Penis cut-outs were the main talk of the Autumn/Winter 2015 collections by cult designer Rick Owens, order almost overshadowing the main message which was presenting a utopian world of grace, free from fear and shame. The designer mused ‘having been influenced by fear and shame growing up, we love the idea of putting more love energy out there wherever you can’. Models towered above the runway straddled and strapped in peacoats, thigh high boots and long sweats cut short at the back. The pieces were nothing revolutionary or completely new from the designer, but more of a continuation of his idiosyncratic notions. See the full collection below:

OWE_0107 OWE_0143 OWE_0131 OWE_0119
OWE_0107 OWE_0143 OWE_0131 OWE_0119
OWE_0155 OWE_0201 OWE_0193 OWE_0175
OWE_0215 OWE_0247 OWE_0237 OWE_0227
OWE_0253 OWE_0293 OWE_0277 OWE_0269
OWE_0305 OWE_0377 OWE_0359 OWE_0353
OWE_0397 OWE_0469 OWE_0453 OWE_0427
OWE_0481 OWE_0519 OWE_0509 OWE_0495
OWE_0531 OWE_0571 OWE_0555 OWE_0543
OWE_0579 OWE_0621 OWE_0613 OWE_0599

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