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Creative Ryan Hawaii would be hosting his pop up shop with KeepUp a Multi-National studio, which includes a clothing line, run by Karl Illustrious One. A chance meeting between Hawaii and Karl happened about a year ago when KeepUp was in BOXPARK and late 2014, KeepUp stocked HAWAII 2014. The new capsule collection ‘Go To Hell’ is set to be sold exclusively at studio, so we caught up with Hawaii to talk about the collection.

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You usually host socially relevant events for your brand, the last time was a peaceful meeting/protest and this time you’ve opted for a launch party. Any particular reasons for this?
I have a strong preference for real life interaction. All the events are key because “you should never underestimate the importance of a chance meeting” (- Denim Tears), it allows me to meet new people face to face and hear what they think on the product rather than diluting that experience via a screen.
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What inspired you to create the Go to Hell capsule collection?
The juxtaposition of Religion, Money & Heavy Metal music & merchandise. I have a vast collection of Metallica T-Shirts, and the graphics have always captivated me. Being agnostic myself and having a believe in God (or a higher being) but not being of any particular religion, made me realise the level of irony behind religion. For example the Catholic Church are one of the wealthiest businesses on the earth. So it’s about the juxtaposition, of religious imagery, heavy metal graphics & my own dark sense of humour & love for pastel coloured clothes, just opening people’s minds a bit or at least provoking some thought or debate, because at the end of the day that’s what art is. Commentary on the world around it. And also, if you don’t like me or my work, GO TO HELL.
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 There’s a mix of religious symbols and motifs in your art this time, what was going through your head when you were working on this?
Ryan Hawaii – Several Metallica tracks were going through my head (literally!). I made reference to many religious images, churches, crosses etc. and juxtaposed them with traditional darker motifs, devils, gargoyles etc. I felt that this partnered with Heavy Metal Tour Style text and images would be gnarly, and basically something I would love to have in my personal collection, so I felt to share that with the world.
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Campaign Credits
Shot by Ryan Hawaii
Models – Pure Anubis & OMELET
Further Information 
– All the graphics are painted by hand.
– This collection will be the first to contain pieces that do not have painted detail (and therefore washable).
– This collection will be the first to contain pieces that are already existing products (e.g. printed T-Shirts which have been worked on to)
Full price list
Tote Bags £5 (Or FREE with any purchase)
T-Shirts £20-40
Caps £25
Long Sleeves £50-70
Heavy Garments £60+
Medium of Exchange
& Playstation 2 Games accepted.
Ryan Hawaii

Ryan Hawaii Shot by Terence Sambo

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