Blood Brother LCM SS16 Launch Party Featuring Krept & Konan

Blood Brother kicks off LCM with a street party.

Last night saw the launch celebrate of Blood Brother’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection which was hosted by Krept and Konan with special guests. The event was held at their store in Charlotte Road, buy London where many people attended to support the launch and see Krept and Konan do a live performance in the store. During the event our photographers Meara Kallista Morse & Ella Austin was there to capture every moment of the celebration, see all below.

Following photos by Meara Kallista Morse:

MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-1 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-2

MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-12 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-8 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-7MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-16MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-12 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-17 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-33
MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-26 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-33 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-29 MearaKallistaMorse-Pause-BloodBrother-27

In store photos by Ella Austin:

1 xxx BloodBrother 2


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