LCM: Baartmans and Siegel Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


Distressed denim, printed parkas, and clean, casual looks epitomised Baartmans & Siegel’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection presented at Victoria House for the London Collections: Men. The genesis of Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel’s masculine-style presented in their Spring/Summer 2016 collection materialises from the gritty open planes of North America, where they continue to challenge the concepts of functionality and indulgence, comfort and style.

Embellished in bold, masculine palettes of navy, and distinctive camo prints, the collection presents the majestic grace and warrior-strength of the Appaloosa Ponies, native to America. Japanese-salvaged denim, distressed to perfection, also creates an armour of relevance towards these indigenous people.

Baartmans and Siegels intricately crafted outerwear is separated under the categories of sporty and statement, but remain unified under the brands minimalistic ethos. Whilst the purposeful nature of the “Swamp-multi-pocket” jacket, made from paper-light Italian performance fabrications, and packable raincoats, kangols add to the functionality of the collection; the oversized cracked-Tuscan leather aims to make a statement, emitting a rugged, rebellious veneer.

The other half of this collection is contrasted with lightweight, soft marl wools offered in shades of dove grey and refreshing crisp white denim, successfully demonstrating the compatibility of comfort and style. The “formal joggers” and double-layer shorts, made with breathable wool, reinvents the idea of sport-luxe, evoking a relaxed, unconventional chic personage. The addition of the Terry, towel and Dallas sweatshirts along with Arlington t-shirts signifies the tactile externality of the collection.

Photos by Dylan Myers:
IMG_5691 IMG_5727 IMG_5717 IMG_5699
IMG_5742 IMG_5836 IMG_5807 IMG_5796

Pictures of the designer duos collection can be seen below. Let us know what you think of it in the comment box below.












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