LCM: KTZ Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

KTZ put on a show at LCM which presented Endless Possibilities.


Acclaimed for it’s raw energy, contemporary urban edge as well as embracing ethnographic references and multiculturalism, Kokon to Zai are back with another imaginative collection for the Spring/Summer 2016 season at London Collections: Men.

Taking inspiration from Chris Burden’s “Metropolis II” (2010), a fast-paced modern city, the collection is made from architectural fabrics, and recycled industrial materials such as paper, rubber, plastic, aluminium, cardboard and nylon – accentuating the idea that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Adding to the metropolitan essence of the collection, models were deluged in deconstructed motor racing gear complete with drogue parachutes. Other pieces showcased unconventional textures including a complete outfit made from cork and Tyvek.

KTZ’s spontaneity was a hit at this year’s London Collections: Men, showcasing a hyper-futuristic collection that managed to match up to works from previous seasons. View the rest of the collection below and let us know what you think in the comment box below.

See the full collection below.

KIM_4213 KIM_4224

KIM_4236 KIM_4248 KIM_4260KIM_4269 KIM_4282 KIM_4294KIM_4304KIM_4428 KIM_4418 KIM_4403KIM_4388 KIM_4378 KIM_4366KIM_4354KIM_4340KIM_4328KIM_4315KIM_4452 KIM_4439 KIM_4479KIM_4495 KIM_4507KIM_4518 KIM_4557 KIM_4544 KIM_4531KIM_4571 KIM_4610 KIM_4596 KIM_4584KIM_4622 KIM_4661 KIM_4646 KIM_4634KIM_4679 KIM_4720 KIM_4705 KIM_4691KIM_4730 KIM_4746

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