LCM: Richard James Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Named ‘My Green Trauma’ because of it’s emerald green colour scheme and it’s abundance of sense-assaulting patterns, the Richard James Spring/Summer 2016 Collection lives up to the brand’s reputation for vibrant tailoring.

Toby Lamb cites surrealist and poet Edward James, and his eccentric creation Las Pozas- a range of concrete structures built in Mexico- as his main inspiration for the collection.

This is illustrated by it’s display of jungle flowers, and the bizarre concrete staircases making an appearance on many of it’s pieces. Expert craftsmanship and tailoring featured heavily this time around, and models could be seen top-to-toe in the same prints.

_JAM0012 _JAM0053 _JAM0037 _JAM0024

_JAM0069 _JAM0120 _JAM0108 _JAM0093


_JAM0220 _JAM0266 _JAM0250 _JAM0240

_JAM0289 _JAM0348 _JAM0328 _JAM0307

_JAM0367 _JAM0429 _JAM0413 _JAM0388


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