MFW: Damir Doma Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Damir Doma is back with another minimalistic collection for Spring/Summer 2016.


Although Damir Doma is distinguished for his minimalistic approach towards clothing, the designers close attention to detail in regards to texture, volume, colours and silhouette’s is what makes him a game changer. The Milan based designer has executed all four of these aspects beautifully for his Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

This seasons bottoms ranged from athletic drop-crotch to straight fluid leg trousers, as well as baggy Bermuda shorts, that epitomised the relaxed nature of the collection. These were eloquently matched with languid tunics and lapel-less tailored jackets made out of raw linen and papery cotton. Other garments featured in the collection were overcoats worn over sackcloth-puritan, rough-weave shirts. All these gentle, organically flowing silhouettes were embellished with a series of serene blues, whites, creams, pinks and khakis, that completed each minimalist fit. What stood out the most along the runway was the overlay of netting thrown on top of various garments, which contrasted the feel-free ambience that the collection emitted.

You can view the entire Damir Doma Spring/Summer 2016 collection below and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the designer’s latest work in the comment box.

_DAM0017 _DAM0074 _DAM0038 _DAM0030

_DAM0087 _DAM0118 _DAM0108 _DAM0097_DAM0175_DAM0134 _DAM0201 _DAM0185 _DAM0162_DAM0212 _DAM0244 _DAM0234 _DAM0223

_DAM0256 _DAM0313 _DAM0298 _DAM0270

_DAM0325 _DAM0388 _DAM0359 _DAM0347_DAM0396

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