MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Fendi goes casual for Spring/Summer 2016.

Backstage at Fendi Men's RTW Spring 2016

“Young, everyday basics, sildenafil done in a more sophisticated way,” was Silvia Venturini Fendi’s gambit for Spring/Summer 16. Fendi decided to create a more casual collection, relying on simple looks for a wearable line that consists of t-shirts, bermuda shorts, casual collared shirts and wide leg track pants. Even though the silhouettes are simple and modern, the fabrics, patterns and colours still make the collection particular and edgy. The colour palette consists of petrol blue and grey, alongside bright colours like yellow and red, chosen respectively for a trench coat, pants and shirts. Leather in different darker shades is included in the various fabrics featured in the collection.
View the entire Fendi Spring/Summer 2016 collection below.

DSC001_UMB9753 DSC004_UMB9809 DSC003_UMB9797 DSC002_UMB9774DSC005_UMB9827 DSC008_UMB9890 DSC007_UMB9867 DSC006_UMB9845

DSC009_UMB9909 DSC012_UMB9965 DSC011_UMB9948 DSC010_UMB9928

DSC013_UMB9992 DSC016_UMB0055 DSC015_UMB0038 DSC014_UMB0020DSC017_UMB0077 DSC020_UMB0144 DSC019_UMB0123 DSC018_UMB0099DSC021_UMB0166 DSC024_UMB0222 DSC023_UMB0207 DSC022_UMB0187DSC025_UMB0246 DSC028_UMB0309 DSC027_UMB0291 DSC026_UMB0271

DSC029_UMB0329 DSC032_UMB0388 DSC031_UMB0374 DSC030_UMB0350DSC033_UMB0410 DSC036_UMB0466 DSC035_UMB0449 DSC034_UMB0429DSC037_UMB0483 DSC040_UMB0549 DSC039_UMB0530 DSC038_UMB0509
DSC041_UMB0565 DSC044_UMB0638 DSC043_UMB0615 DSC042_UMB0593

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