MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Prada travels through time for it’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection



The over-the-top boldness of next season’s Menswear collections on the runway at Milan Fashion Week is not a trend in which Prada participates in, as Miuccia Prada declares her collection to be “post-modest;’ adding that she was aiming for something more “human and real.” This restraint is noticeable in the collection’s toned-down pallet: charcoal blazers, midnight blue trousers and mustard shirts.

Embellishments are also kept simple and to a minimum, with subtle white stitching adorning jackets and trousers, and zips were a frequent occurrence on shirts and sweatshirts. Layering also played a big part in this collection; shirts were seen tucked under logo jumpers, and vests, though barely visible, peeked out from underneath button-down shirts.

The collection has an heir of boyhood and innocence, as shown in the organisation of some of the ensembles: part-tucked in shirts, rucksacks, and roomy shorts matched with oversized blazers are reminiscent of retro school uniform. This is further supported by the brand’s use of logos; race cars, rabbits and rocket ships emblazon knit jumpers. Flashy icons have no room in Prada’s collections, and Miuccia emphasises that “the most stupid ones” were selected solely for a graphic purpose.

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