PFW: Miharayasuhiro Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Miharayasuhiro Spring/Summer 2016 collection


It is always interesting to see what comes out from the smaller independent houses and one which has successfully attracted a lot of attention this year is Miharayasuhiro. Truth is that Mihara has been a favorite among the fashion insiders for a while now, those who seem to enjoy the poetic and reflective view on fashion. Boasting the name “Fragment, ” the collection speaks of memories and how they never give us the entire story. The collection incorporates denim with frayed edges, reminding us of scars, tie-dyed bleached effects and paisley patterns transforming into animal prints. The use of different materials and prints are strong, especially with the use of “damaged jacquard”, a two-tiered fabric. This collection was sure to make a statement at this years Paris Fashion Week, so be sure to keep an eye-out for the designers work in the future. Let us know what you think and check out the entire Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Miharayasuhiro below.

miharayasuhiro-002-1366 miharayasuhiro-003-1366 miharayasuhiro-004-1366 miharayasuhiro-005-1366 miharayasuhiro-006-1366 miharayasuhiro-007-1366 miharayasuhiro-008-1366 miharayasuhiro-009-1366 miharayasuhiro-010-1366 miharayasuhiro-011-1366 miharayasuhiro-012-1366 miharayasuhiro-013-1366 miharayasuhiro-014-1366 miharayasuhiro-015-1366 miharayasuhiro-016-1366 miharayasuhiro-017-1366 miharayasuhiro-018-1366

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