PFW: Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Valentino takes us back to our heritage for Spring/Summer 2016.


Taking inspiration globally, the Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a well accomplished collection of worldly designs. There are strong elements of Asia, Africa, America and deep roots of Europe across the collection, which combine to balance personal heritage with your own existing memories and sensibility. The collection is dominated by mapping, badged up and embroidery techniques which infuse the nomadic vibe with a sense of exotic inspiration. Dragon motifs showed up on relaxed denim pieces, which resulted denim to become the statement of the collection. Elsewhere, prints and accents from Africa and the Americas were etched across the showcase, including a makeshift map of earth encompassing a simplistic bomber jacket. More subtle detailing found itself adorned on almost every piece in the collection, with the highlights including intricate straps across sandals and patched-up designs on jacket sleeves and stitching.  Synonymous of Valentino, camouflage was abundant in a big way too; enthused across a range of statement outerwear and contextualised with subtle African-inspired detailing.











































































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