Pigalle x Nike Are Back With Another Capsule Collection

Ashpoole shows his love for the game.


Joining forces for another basketball inspired capsule collection, collaborative duo Pigalle and Nike are back with the release of apparel along with the iconic Nike Dunk sneaker, aiming to combine high-fashion with sportswear.

The collection is embellished in a speckled pattern across a range of jerseys, shorts, basketballs, and the Nike Dunks, with the inspiration of this coming from the game’s trademark shop-clock. Stephane Ashpoole explained, “The shot clock is a base, but it’s really movement and time passing that are two of my main inspirations. The passing of time combines the present, the future and the past to create something unique and inspiring. I always think of it when I work.” Caps, t-shirts and sweatshirts are also being released collectively with the rest of the collection.

The collection will drop on Saturday, June 27th at selected retailers as well as Nike Lab worldwide and online.








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