NYFW: McQ Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Monochromatic mods and elongated culottes rule McQ’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection elevating streetwear to a high-fashion standing point yet remaining to true to heritage of British subcultures.

The muse of the McQ collection appeared to be the British mod’s with a hint of the underlying toughness that the punks brought to the streets. Burton, following on the great tradition of Lee continues to reinvent these famous subcultures with a contemporary twist that the new McQ brand emphasises. This is shown through the abstract print used on mod silhouettes combined with socks and sandals, kilt like culottes and fine linen two-pieces. McQ’s Spring/Summer 2016 is considerably a more approachable and wearable take on contemporary clothing but remains true to heritage of Alexander McQueen with an underlying presence of darkness that resonates throughout.

That being said, Sarah Burton and her team continue to push the boundaries of fashion, in this case with minimalistic attributes and we here at PAUSE look forward to how the McQ team continue to build upon the visions of Lee McQueen.

See the full SS16 collection below:

mcq-alexander-mcqueen-001-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-004-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-003-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-002-1366mcq-alexander-mcqueen-005-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-008-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-007-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-006-1366mcq-alexander-mcqueen-009-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-012-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-011-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-010-1366
mcq-alexander-mcqueen-013-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-016-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-015-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-014-1366mcq-alexander-mcqueen-017-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-019-1366 mcq-alexander-mcqueen-018-1366

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