Public School Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

By July 23, 2015Fashion News

Public School takes us to the nine-to-five season.


Taking inspiration from the 90s office lifestyle, Public School travels back in time by presenting streetwear looks which are seen in todays office settings. Co-founder and designer Dao-Yi Chow says, “Christopher Simmonds, who was the creative director for the campaign, came up with the idea to capture a ’90s nuance through this office setting, which we all loved.” He also added “For us, [the campaign] didn’t feel like a far off shot. It’s pretty spot-on to what Public School is aesthetically; it’s not something that we consciously chose to try to augment somebody’s perception of what public School is.”

See the full campaign images below:

public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-1 public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-4 public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-3 public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-2
public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-5 public-school-2015-fall-winter-ad-campaign-6

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