15 Signs That Shows You Are A Sneaker Addict

In 1999, when Wu Tang Clan artist Raekwon claimed “I’m an Adidas freak/Multi thousand pair of sneak freak”, he revealed to the world that a certain type of people actually exist. If you are ready to stay awake waiting for the launch of the latest pair of Nike, if you think that no, having 5 different pairs of your beloved Reebok is not enough yet and if the idea of getting married one day wearing your favourite Adidas has ever crossed your mind… well, here’s to you, sneakers addict.

1. You countdown the days before the launch of a new pair

2. And when the day finally comes, shopping online can drive you a little bit crazy

3. You and your best friends have a sneakers crew

 photo tumblr_mwqhljsG2d1slsrcro1_500_zpsz0eljbus.gif

4. And you think that this is normal:

 photo Sneakerschrank_zpsf056cm7w.jpg

5. The smell of new and fresh rubber in the box is everything to you

6. And you think that sneakers are not just sneakers, they’re also the best highlights to your outfits

7. Taking care of shoes have no secret for you

8. And this is the worst that could happen to your new, clean pair

9. You’re the only one in your entourage to know the difference between sneakers and trainers for you get mad when you hear someone say: “yeah, that’s the same”

10. You have your own priorities
 photo ea761d23b92b95f4b9511f423387b369_zps1tbtkjl8.jpg

11. When payday comes, they are the first thing you want to purchase…

12. … only to remember shortly after that you have bills to pay before

13. You know “who” you’ll save first in case of emergency.
 photo tumblr_mjibdwbhfw1rrf5b3o1_500_zpsqogkejrj.gif

14. You tried several times to explain your parents (or your banker) how all those pairs contribute to your well-being

15. When, finally you are told you’re a sneakers addict, you dared to respond “no, I’m not”. But you know that denial is the first stage of addiction…

 photo tumblr_n52nt0Zzl21ryfrfko1_500_zpsxdomzfjh.gif

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