Ben Sherman Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign

“Button Up!” Now you’re ready. For the Autumn/Winter 2015 video campaign, Ben Sherman decided to support London and its Londoners, in every aspect. Establishing a balance between the elegant and traditional pieces and the vibrant and hectic colours of the collection, the fashion house illustrated what makes London a unique city of mix and match silhouettes.

From the tailored check shirts to the wool blend grey suit including the detailed navy parkas, Ben Sherman serves a new typically British campaign, highlighting any reminders of the Londoner’s elegance. As a nod to the 1960’s golden age, the fashion house set the styling in an atmosphere halfway between the countryside and the city’s buzzing ambiance. To crown it all, a well-deserved hint of rock and roll music was used the soundtrack, the Ben Sherman’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection singing “London Calling”…

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Check the photos below:

 photo AW15 DPS5_zpsiy1kvown.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS_zpsmmqijrf9.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS6_zps6wnwvcjx.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS3_zpscf6kl2lw.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS2_zpsxg965rcb.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS4_zpspzov7qxh.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS7_zps7xvzwnzz.jpg
 photo AW15 DPS8_zpscrydd8eu.jpg

 photo AW15 Secondary Tailoring2_zpsf8kg3su6.jpg
 photo AW15 Secondary Window Pane6_zpsnk5he9b5.jpg
 photo AW15 Secondary Window Pane4_zpsx6cjihdi.jpg
 photo AW15 Secondary Tailoring6_zpsvps9dfxg.jpg
 photo AW15 Secondary Tailoring5_zpsmjcpw4iz.jpg

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