11 fashion thoughts when it’s payday

By September 25, 2015Fashion News

In the real world, you know it’s payday when you start to make plans for the weekend, when you make lists of groceries to buy or even think about how much you’ll spare on your saving account. Whereas in the fashion sphere, payday means you can finally click on “Purchase Now” on whichever website you were visiting recently.

1) So, you know this feeling when it’s payday, right?

2) You feel like you can do and say whatever you want, because PAYDAY!

3) Nothing can stand between you and your favorite day of the month

4) So you start to go through the latest tabs you opened on your computer for some shopping…

5) What about this investment piece you have been thinking about for decades?

6) Like, that Hermès bag? Or the perfect Margiela sneakers (yes, you think big).

7) You even feel like you want to offer presents to your entourage. This is how happy you are.

8) So you shop, shop and shop again…

9) And you’re genuinely happy… Until you remember.

Did I pay my rent? How will I eat? What about my phone bills?

10) Then, your world falls apart

It’s time to make a difficult choice : eat or wear?

11) Why, why… WHY ?

Life is unfair

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