13 tips to make your Black Friday Shopping worth it!

By November 23, 2015Fashion News, Sneakers, Style, Xmas

PAUSE & get some tips before you trip.

Black Friday has arrived and no one wants to waste this opportunity. But how could we make it possible? Is it just a dream to actually find the best offers when you are overwhelmed by brand blurbs? Here’s the ‘How To Do List’ you should follow to not loose yourself in the big deep ocean of unmissable discounts!

 1. Do your homework!

Don’t go without any background research in your pocket! Do you really want to waste your whole month’s salary on stuff you will never wear? Do your research. It is better to plan on making a special purchase of a big-ticket item, isn’t it? So, check consumer reports, read reviews and don’t just make the purchase if you are not convinced about it! You could find something that suit you better next month, even if it will be at full-price!

2. Google it!

Thanks to, you can get a good idea of what deals will be where, well before Black Friday shopping starts. Knowing which retailers are going to have what, before the big day will help you decide where and when you want to go, also it will help with budgeting in addition to identifying who you have left to shop for. Make a list with the product, who it is for, the price, the location, and make sure to not waste not a second of your valuable shopping time, otherwise you will have to wait another year!

3. Is it something you will buy even at full-price?

Compare prices before you head out. Choose the store that is offering the best deal. Check what usually comes with the item you are looking for, so as to determine if the deal is really worth it or not. But, most of all, is it something you really want? Do you need a 500th plain black bag? Shop wisely, it may be something you can’t return.

4. Are you a chirping early bird or a hooting night owl?

Many stores advertise early bird deals, generally between 4am and 11am; however, they also offer night owl specials between midnight and 4am to draw in the crowd that doesn’t like to get up early. Cashing in on these deals is not only a good way to beat the crowd, but it’s a very good way to guarantee the getting will be good, because typically, once the deals are gone, they are gone. Forever. And you don’t want to regret that, do you?

5. Three is the lucky number!

Save the most with “Triple Plays”. Combine the primary ways to save: buy items at a good sale price, use percent-off/bonus points coupons offered by some stores to lower that price even more, and look for items that also have a cash back rebate.

 6. It is exactly like a game!

What do you usually do to gain the best result on your favourite game? Create a Game Plan! Black Friday is a hardcore shopping experience, and if you don’t make a plan, you could get lost in the shuffle. Retailers are famous for advertising teaser deals, also known as Black Friday doorbusters, to get you in the door and then make a bundle off other items in their inventory. Stay focused. You can find ad scans and deal roundups on sites such as and Start prioritising your purchases, what are you waiting for?

 7. Your smartphone is your best friend!

By downloading the right shopping apps, you can check prices and track down friends when you get separated.
ShopSavvy: all you do is scan the barcode on any item and instantly compare the price to prices offered online and at nearby stores.
Black Friday App: it allows you to fit all the ads, sale hours and store information in your pocket.
Nifti: If you are wondering if those shoes really are a good deal, Nifti tracks prices based on historical sales data. It will tell you if it is better to wait for a deeper discount later in the season.

 8. What are you doing all by yourself?

Bring a friend! It will make shopping more fun and obviously, teamwork can help you score the biggest deals. Together you can cover more ground and hit up different areas in less time! Furthermore, do you really think you can manage to bring all those big bags back to your house alone?

Carrie Bradshaw falling in Dior

9. Don’t faint in the middle of Selfridges!

Stop for a quick healthy breakfast, eat something with complex carbs for energy and protein for strength – sliced fruit topped with two tablespoons of peanut butter works well.

10. Be loyal!

Stores often have loyalty programs that offer sales and promotions to their members first, and then let them earn rewards on what they buy. Sign up for Black Friday shopping alerts about upcoming promotions.

 11. Keep your cool!

It’s easy to become irritable on Black Friday. Just remember why you are there: make the holidays special for your family and friends (and yourself, of course!). Don’t freak out, take a deep breath, smile and if you have an unfortunate encounter with a stressed out and rude salesperson just concentrate on having the most enjoyable experience possible!

12. Dress appropriately!

It’s freezing out there and transitioning between a cold parking lot and a packed store can result in overheating, so dress in easily removable layers. Wear thick sweaters topped with a coat you can sling over your arm once you’re in the store. Hats and gloves are a must! (Unless you are planning to buy new ones on that day). Drink coffee and always carry your Thermos with you.

13. Stay at Home (?)

Oftentimes, you can find even better prices online than when you visit retail locations, and it eliminates all the hassle. If you don’t like crowds, do your Black Friday shopping online from the comfort of your own home.

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