Take A Closer Look At Gucci Cruise 2016 Collection

By December 1, 2015Fashion News

Check out the new unreleased pictures from the collection.


Alessandro Michele’s Gucci Cruise 2016 Collection is a combination of masculine and feminine that results in a romantic but nerdy connection. Inspired by the 70s era and vibe, all the garments stand out for their versatility. From the loose wide-leg jeans to the colourful jumpers with whimsical prints, the collection can be adapted to several occasions and it includes a wide range of accessories.

Read more about it here and take a look at the unreleased images.

Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy1 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy2 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy3 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy4 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy6 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy7 Gucci-Cruise-2016-Collection_fy8

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