MFW: Fendi Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Fendi kept things rather ‘Fendi’ for AW16, cementing themselves as one of the finest houses in forward-thinking fashion.


 Fur was hot on the agenda, from mink to shearling, as it typically is with the Italian brand, and it continued its reign as a leader of luxury clothing. Fur slippers, heavyweight trousers and luxurious robes set the tone of the collection, whilst things were kept innovative with the inclusion of bizarre and intriguing illustrations: faces and slogans adorned the clothing.

The whole collection was a combination of luxe and comfort. Think silk pyjama suits, heavenly and utterly comfortable trousers, over-sized slippers and outerwear resembling dressing gowns. Shearling jackets, black hide layers, leather and wool overcoats sit alongside bonded tartan wool knitwear, bucket hats and plenty of baggy roll necks. A touch of colour came through in canary yellow, adding a touch of modernity to the collection. Faces appeared across the collection, printed on bags and appearing on jackets, and although not being for everyone, the anthropomorphised clothing definitely caught everybody’s attention. The latest line from Fendi is decidedly lavish and the fashion house does not stray far from its roots, reminding us that the Fendi man enjoys an expensive and fur-laden lifestyle. This was like a slumber party for the rich, devastatingly beautiful.

_FEN0108 _FEN0127 _FEN0116_FEN0147 _FEN0187 _FEN0171 _FEN0158_FEN0198_FEN0214_FEN0253_FEN0238_FEN0227_FEN0264_FEN0298_FEN0285_FEN0276_FEN0314_FEN0328_FEN0360_FEN0344_FEN0372_FEN0425_FEN0404_FEN0388_FEN0441_FEN0485_FEN0467_FEN0453_FEN0498_FEN0536_FEN0524_FEN0510_FEN0550_FEN0588_FEN0575_FEN0561_FEN0606_FEN0649_FEN0634_FEN0616_FEN0663_FEN0690_FEN0678_FEN0846

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