MFW: Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Marcelo Burlon County Of Milan which showcased at Milan Fashion Week.


KIM_2892 KIM_2923 KIM_2899KIM_2941 KIM_2994 KIM_2974 KIM_2963KIM_3008 KIM_3061 KIM_3047 KIM_3030KIM_3079 KIM_3122 KIM_3103 KIM_3088KIM_3143KIM_3158 KIM_3192 KIM_3178KIM_3205 KIM_3261 KIM_3243 KIM_3220KIM_3276 KIM_3326 KIM_3314 KIM_3291KIM_3346 KIM_3396 KIM_3373 KIM_3358KIM_3409 KIM_3461 KIM_3444 KIM_3428KIM_3527 KIM_3515 KIM_3497 KIM_3479KIM_3541 KIM_3585 KIM_3573 KIM_3561KIM_3596 KIM_3660 KIM_3646 KIM_3624

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