PFW: Balmain Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Olivier Rousteing’s second menswear collection for Balmain was a royal take on the military trend.


2015 was the year that saw the expansion of the Balmain army thanks to a mainstream collaboration with high-street retailer H&M. This year Olivier Rousteing is showing no signs of slowing down having just unveiled the menswear collection in Paris.

The collection was only the second ever menswear offering to come from Balmain and referenced War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. It was an obvious parade of wealth and status where aristocracy and the military merged together. The collection featured drop-crotch jacquard biker pants, mink topcoats, shearling trims and excessive use of soft luxurious velvet. Prints included stripes and checks in a combination of red and black. The military trend was reinforced with the embellished jackets, a Balmain signature, that featured frogging detail. The colour palette revolved around deep navy, bright red and an elegant gold, there were also a few looks in an emerald green hue. There was an element of old-school tradition with epaulettes and cummerbunds but this was of course balanced out with modern accessories such as a quilted leather rucksack. Balmain being Balmain had to have the most in demand models and the casting was headed up by popular faces Francisco Lachowski, Sean O’Pry , Jon Kortajarena and model of the moment Lucky Blue Smith. Rousteing’s royal take on menswear will no doubt keep his legions of followers pleased.

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