PFW: Sacai Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Sacai which showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

Review to follow.

KIM_0008 KIM_0058 KIM_0043 KIM_0027KIM_0083KIM_0100 KIM_0145 KIM_0131 KIM_0112KIM_0162KIM_0178 KIM_0221 KIM_0208 KIM_0193KIM_0239KIM_0257 KIM_0302 KIM_0284 KIM_0271KIM_0321KIM_0337 KIM_0384 KIM_0366 KIM_0353KIM_0402KIM_0419 KIM_0461 KIM_0445 KIM_0433KIM_0478KIM_0495 KIM_0541 KIM_0523 KIM_0508KIM_0558KIM_0571 KIM_0620 KIM_0604 KIM_0585KIM_0634

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