PAUSE Asks: What’s Love in The Internet Age

By February 13, 2016Features, Interviews

PAUSE Explores what love is to millennials in the internet age

A slide in the dm’s? love at first like? PAUSE explores what love is to millennials in the internet age.

Kailum (3)

Kailum || @cuxt

Kailum – Love in the internet age in my opinion is meeting people all over the world, finding similarities and connecting. It’s probably different, depending on the person, but the internet has been a big help for me and made me the person I am today.


Keela || @keelathakyd

Keela –Love in the internet age can be very predictable but I think once you cross that love over to real life everything tends to be different, people are not who they make out to be online.

Elliott Jay Brown

Elliott || @elliottjaybrown

Elliott – Instagram likes.


Donnika || @donnikaa

Donnika – Love is tricky in the internet age because everyone has so many more options. So many relationship problems revolve around third party social media, who’s liking who’s pictures on instagram and the sort. The internet brings far too much hassle for love but I guess on the plus side it can be a medium for finding your ultimate love too. 


Conor || @c.noirr

Conor – A couple of likes and a follow back, then you know its real. Nah I’m playing, love in the internet age is rare for one, I think it either works or just doesn’t. But I’m no guru.

Pippa Melody (2)

Pippa || @pippamelody

Pippa – Love in the internet is love at first like; it’s fast paced and disappointing. It’s sad that a ‘slide in the DM’ is enough to make some people smile these days. As much as falling for an online persona can empower some, it can bring out other’s vulnerabilities. My advise to all; never forget the fundamentals of love – honesty and genuine human connection.

Abbie Lee

Abbie || @martianwulf

Abbie – Love in the internet age is a lot harder than I think it used to be because you have more people interfering. But I also think it makes a relationship stronger if you can get through all the crazy people that try to get involved. I’m happily in love and I met my boyfriend on instagram. 


Ellis || @ellis_dublin

Ellis – It’s all about impressions. Fail to make a good one and you’re either getting swiped left or blocked. Love is becoming increasingly dependent on the interaction from behind a screen.


Demi || @demimensah

Demi- Love is a powerful force that is misinterpreted in this internet age. How we portray love within a relationship is a circle of goals, growth and wealth. Exposing your love to this internet age is exposing love to the universe. 

Tayler and Koen

L-R: Tayler & Koen Prince-Fraser || @tayler_pf , @koen_pf

Tayler – A couple likes and a DM.

Koen – A girl that squats and wear yeezys.


All images shot by Sirius Film & re-issued for PAUSE.

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