Hip Hop Stars In 2016: Who Is The REAL Fashion Killa?

So who’s the REAL Fashion Killa?


Back in 2014, PAUSE took on the topic of ‘The Hip Hop Effect in Fashion’. There we were talking the original merge, the early charting of culture and the relationship between two industries but today, to show how much this relationship has developed, warped and rebooted, we go to this:
As in any real competition and sizing up of the heavyweights, you’ve got to define the parameters and assess those defining credentials. So, who’s done the best collabs, the biggest campaigns and cover stories? Who’s the REAL fashion killa? In this, claims aren’t made through the number of name drops in tracks but in whose fashion tribe they’re on to and of course – the key – the style. On the shortlist for the title are Vic Mensa, Travi$ Scott, Young Thug and A$AP Rocky with honourable mentions here for Fetty Wap Joey Bada$$ and Tyler, the Creator.

Vic Mensa

First up Mensa, who’s previously owned his style as “tattered and torn but not distressed.” He’s in Alexander Wang’s Gang (maybe the ultimate accolade), he modelled Yeezy Season 1 in CR Fashion Book and he’s the cover star for Clash’s 100th Issue. So far, looking top billing for sure.



Travi$ Scott


Travi$ Scott, or Jacques Webster, has a collection with Diamond Supply, collaborations with maharishi and joins Mensa with the Yeezy and Wang credentials. He’s also the newest member of Tisci’s Givenchy #LoveGang, clearly spreading his cool across the top of the fashion squads. His personal style is no joke, although A$AP Nast doesn’t seem to be on board.


Young Thug

Young Thug is probably the most stylish contender here, weighing in heavily on the gender fluid dressing vibes and pretty much looking awesomely unique and well put together at all times, everywhere. He fronted the cover of Dazed’s ‘The New Agenda’ Issue, took pride of place modelling Yeezy Season 3, did the CR Fashion Book thing and is generally known for, at least in fashion terms, making tidal waves in the style stakes.


A$AP Rocky


A$AP’s Gucci look in the latest Vanity Fair is serious, he’s also linked up with GUESS for his GUE$$ collection, he was actually in Wang’s squad first, then there was the DKNY campaign, the i-D pre-fall 2014 feature, the L’Uomo Vogue cover and the POP with Naomi. We can go on?


Let’s round it up though: All-Star status has to go to Rocky, not just because we’ve used his own words to judge but because he’s ahead of the pack and in a different league, really. There’s obviously no losers, but right here, right now, our #1 fashion killa has to be…

Who Is The REAL Fashion Killa?

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We’ve only touched the surface on all the style happenings of these artists and of course, its not just about the fashion but the music and the culture that is the two. Back in the 90s, hip hop owned and grew with the subgenre of fashion, creating and cultivating streetwear, which has amassed into an independent superstructure today. Now fashion and hip hop are way more integrated, and it’s luxury fashion that answers to streetwear, to hip hop and to the these artists.

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