PAUSE Feature: Tattoo Influences

PAUSE looks into Tattoo Influences

Creative Direction and Styling: Samantha Ria // @Samantha Ria
Photographer: Benjamin Glean // @BenjaminGleanPhotography
Grooming: Jam Deluxe // @jam_deluxe
Interns: Coco Allen and Alex Allen
Models: Alexander James and Savio @ AMCK, Roze @ Elite


 “What inspired me to get my tattoos was the fact that I was born with a heart murmur which led to two surgeries and so the meaning behind it is living life beat by beat and, you know, not taking anything for granted. And, I love yoga, I’m into yoga a lot, so I have a yoga sign. I feel like if you are going to get something, make sure you know exactly what the meaning is and why you want it and… you know, it might be fun to just get a tattoo that looks good, but it’s more meaning worth it, it should to your heart. And, definitely, it’s home for me, because every day, you know, every second, is beat by beat.”
BENM1671 BENM1735 BENM1766BENM1828
T Shirt – French Connection


 “I have always loved art, street art and graffiti. My friend became a tattoo artist, so he bought the machine and was like Savio do you want to be my first model and I said ok lets try it!  Nowadays its different, it’s easier; people don’t judge you for your tattoos.  When I go back to the south of Italy, where all my family are, they watch me like I am an alien like ‘what have you done? Noo… your skin!’; so I get judged there. My cousin is getting married soon, I’m going to be there but one of our best friends has a tattoo on his head and isn’t invited!My favourite tattoo is ‘daily bread’, like in the Lord’s Prayer. It relates to the bread you need to live your life, like love, money, family and friends. All of that for me is my daily bread.”
BENM1848 BENM1907BENM2040 BENM2049BENM2082
Knitwear – French Connection


 “I like all of my tattoos for different reasons.  Why my silly tats? People take life far too seriously; people take their tattoos very seriously, every tattoo has got to mean something. Why!? Says who!? It is a bit of a representation of who I am. My front piece is to represent me being ex military and what I experienced as a soldier and all the kind of things that I disagree with now about the way the British government works; it’s very serious and it’s a very potent story. But then on the other side I have an ice cream that my friend Josh did on me! I’ve got Mayfair from Monopoly, I’ve got a top hat, a Krusty burger, and Rockstar Games logo!  Everyone thinks I’m crazy… my mum hates all of them, but that’s just Mum’s isn’t it?”
BENM2140 BENM2212 BENM2299BENM2313 BENM2408
Knitwear – French Connection

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