PAUSE Picks: Earthy Toned Clothes To Buy Now

The infatuation with a neutral colour palette is still going strong as we transition from season to season. Coming in relaxed silhouettes, our PAUSE picks will prove to be the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

1. ASOS Longline Oversized Hoodie – Click here to buy.

image1xxl (3)

2. Obey X Jamie Reid Army Jacket – Click here to buy.


3. Agi & Sam Wide Leg Trousers – Click here to buy.



4. Other UK Distressed T-Shirt – Click here to buy.

image1xxl (17)


5. Our Legacy Base Crew Knit Olivine Curl – Click here to buy.


6. TOPMAN Camel Flat Brim Trilby Hat – Click here to buy.


7. Oliver Spencer Ambleside Low Top Cream Leather – Click here to buy.


8. A Bathing Ape Camo print cordura backpack – Click here to buy.


9. Other UK Camo Sweatshirt With Drop Shoulders – Click here to buy.

image1xxl (18)


10. Reclaimed Vintage Drapey Duster Jacket – Click here to buy.


image1xxl (14)

11. Anonymous ISM Remix Solid Sock Moss – Click here to buy.


12. Stone Fur Lined Flight Jacket – Click here to buy.


13. Loom Armstrong Nylon Grey Bomber Jacket – Click here to buy.


14. Other UK Camo Hoodie With Short Sleeves And Zip Back – Click here to buy.

image1xxl (15)


15. ASOS Extreme Longline Oversized Jersey Duster Jacket – Click here to buy.

image1xxl (16)




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