Anthony Vaccarello Leaves Versus Versace

A new week and a new departure.


Donatella Versace today released a statement announcing that Anthony Vaccarello is leaving his post as Creative Director of Versus Versace. It’s not yet known where he will move to or who will assume his role although the rumour mill is whittling him towards the newly vacant position at Saint Laurent.


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“While I’m sad to see him leave the Versace family, I wish Anthony Vaccarello tremendous success with his next chapter. In the past several years, I have worked with three great young talents on Versus Versace: Christopher Kane, JW Anderson and Anthony Vaccarello. In each instance, their time on Versus Versace led to them making a huge advancement in their design career. I appreciated the chance to work with each of these three designers, and I enjoyed seeing what they brought to a brand I truly love. I’m proud that Versus can be such a remarkable global platform for emerging design talent. As for the future, I’m most excited about taking on a bigger role with Versus, and doing what I always do – surprising everybody!” – said Donatella.

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