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By April 26, 2016Fashion News



Creative Director, Stylist & Illustrator: Rhys Marcus Jay // @RhysMarcusJay
Photographer: Sumeet Sharma // @shotbysumeet
Grooming: Jaysam @ Jam Delxue // @jam_deluxe
Model: Sami @ AMCK Model // @sami_eh25

Digital illustrations is Rhy’s outlet of my many, which he uses to express his creativity. For him, it’s something he does in his spare time.

“I have been producing digital illustrations for over a year now; prior to that and still to this day I enjoy doing illustrations by hand.”

Rhy drew up his recent editorial project highlighting key navy and black pieces for Spring, see below:

SAMI2Jacket: Topman, Trousers: Topman

SAMI3Top: Reiss

SAMI5Jacket: Topman


Jacket: Reiss, Trousers: Reiss, Shoes: Reiss

Check out more of Rhys art work on his Instagram: RhysMarcusJay


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