Dior Homme Shows FW16 Collection In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is popping off.


It seems like more and more designers are exploring to showcase their collections in different cities. First we saw All Saints showcase its FW16 collection in Tokyo, then Pigalle also re-showcase its FW16 in Hong Kong and now Dior Homme does the same.

Dior Homme presented its very first show in Hong Kong by showcasing  “The Art of Falling Apart” which had the venue decorated with fragmented led screens playing the Willy Vanderperre’s movie.

The collection feature punk inspired looks with a modern twist, with hints of red, grey and black throughout.

See what went down below:

Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy12 Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy1 Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy14 Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy13Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy3 Dior-Homme-Showed-Its-FW16-Collection-In-Hong-Kong_fy2

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