12 reasons why you can show off this summer

12 reasons why you can show off this summer


Think about it. You’ve been mastering the art of layering, covering and hiding behind your nicest pieces of clothing over the last few months. It’s now time to take on the latest trends, to update your wardrobe and sport this light tank top. Amongst popsicles, high temperatures and long walk along the trendiest locations of London, PAUSE gives you many reasons why you can show off this summer.

1 – You can now show off your recently-purchased jacket.

2 – You can now show off your latest print shirt.

3 – You can now show off you newly sculpted body.

4 – You can now… just show off.

5 – You’ve been waiting for AGES to wear your lit outfits.

6 – You get so many Instagram likes for your outfit of the day post

7 – You feel like a boss in your new shades

8 – Everyone wants to add you to their Snapchat story because your on point

9 – Your tune drops at the festival and your like…

10 – When everyone LOVES your outfit BUT doesn’t compliment your friend

11 – People stop and stare at your outfit like…

12 – And you know just why

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