PAUSE Alternative: ASOS Ripped Jeans Inspired by Fear Of God

Let your legs breathe this summer.


We know that Fear Of God isn’t the only brand to make the perfect pair of ripped denim jeans, but you can certainly spot a FOG distressed denim when you see it. Here we present the ASOS alternative, a denim blue jean with open rips which are similar to Fear Of God’s sold out Vintage Indigo Jeans. The Fear Of God distressed jeans retail at $895.00 (£620.00) whereas this ASOS version only costs £35.00, bargain huh? The only difference is that the ASOS rips are slightly longer and feature an option to roll up at the bottom.

Fear Of God has become one of the most respective streetwear brands this year, as we all saw Kanye West debut his Met Gala look with a pair of Fear Of God jeans shows us how influential the brand has become.


Fear Of God Selvedge Denim Vintage Indigo Jeans – $850.00 – Sold Out.


ASOS Slim Jeans With Open Rips In Mid Blue, £35.00 –

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ASOS Ripped Jeans - Fear Of God Jeans

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