adidas x Parley World Oceans Day Futurecraft sneaker

adidas utilise Parley’s signature Ocean Plastic for its latest futuristic design.


As if the Futurecraft was not already pushing the technological advancements of footwear, adidas have taken this innovative design one step further by partnering with Parley for an environmentally friendly version. Through employing recycled polyester and gill net, the two brands have fabricated a unique way to celebrate World Oceans Day, on June 8th. Both parties spoke on their latest collaboration:

adidas Group Executive Board member Eric Liedtke:

This adidas x Parley running shoe is already iconic. It’s a shoe for game changers. We can’t wait to hear the stories of those who stand up, suggest creative solutions, take action and want to join us on our journey to clean up the oceans.

Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch:

So much work has happened behind the scenes since we launched our partnership with adidas. We are creating new standards, new materials and technologies that are so different to those the sporting goods industry is used to. It is an ongoing challenge, but we achieved the first step. Now we can replace new plastic with recycled marine plastic debris: Parley Ocean Plastic. We can create footwear and apparel products with it and we are ready to scale it up.

To grab a pair, take to Instagram in the most creative way, pledging your support for Parley’s Ocean Plastic Program. Although there are only 50 pairs to win, you have an extended deadline of July 31st to come up with a game winner. Good luck!


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