Estelita Mendonça Spring Summer 2017

By June 29, 2016Fashion News

Inspired by the living conditions of refugees, Estelita Mendonça presents SS17.


This season’s Estelita Mendonça appears to continue from her previous endeavours; inspired by complications in temporary shelters and the ever increasing refugee crises, the collection focuses on 3 key trends: textures, layering and colour blocking. Predominantly, Mendonça’s SS17 is comprised of beige, yellow and black and showcases a range of seamless fastenings and an almost mosaic-like stripe design.

View the full collection below:

Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy2 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy3 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy4 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy5 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy6 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy7 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy8 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy9 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy10 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy11 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy12 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy13 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy14 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy15 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy16 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy17 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy18 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy19 Estelita-Mendonca_ss17_fy20

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