GFW: Northampton University Menswear 2016 Collection

June 6th saw the rise of Northampton University’s Graduate Fashion Week collection. Showcasing an impressive 16 designers, collections addressed a number of pressing social issues including homelessness and the plastic bag charge. The show was also partnered with Weleda, a world-leading manufacturer that propels the use of homeopathic and natural cosmetics.

Ellie Pask

Ellie PaskEllie Pask3Ellie Pask 4

Heather Jenkinson

Heather JenkinsonHeather Jenkinson2Heather Jenkinson3Heather Jenkinson4Heather Jenkinson6Heather Jenkinson7

Prabina Pun

Prabina Pub6Prabina PunPrabina Pun2Prabina Pun3Prabina Pun4Prabina Pun5

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