Giuseppe Zanotti Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

See the full Giuseppe Zanotti Spring/Summer 2017 collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week below:

(Photos shot by Benjamin Glean)

BENM2389 BENM2391 BENM2392 BENM2393 BENM2394 BENM2395 BENM2398 BENM2399 BENM2401 BENM2403 BENM2407 BENM2411 BENM2412 BENM2413 BENM2415 BENM2416 BENM2417 BENM2418 BENM2420 BENM2421 BENM2422 BENM2424 BENM2425 BENM2426 BENM2429 BENM2434 BENM2435 BENM2440 BENM2444 BENM2446 BENM2449

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